Can Love Lasts?

This is a question that we have all asked ourselves many times. Who has not lived a love story that has come to an end, wondering if can love last forever?

From small, they sell us the idea of our average orange, as that person who will complete us and who is waiting for us somewhere, and from which we will never part again. But is this true? Or is it that love always ends?

We can have a romantic idea of love, as something uncontrollable and mysterious that unites people. However, what we call love has a scientific explanation. We do not know why we are attracted to a certain person, but there is always a cycle in that process.The cycle of love.

Even if you find it strange to hear this theory, it is scientifically proven. If you have lived a deep and lasting love story, you will know what we are talking about. In this cycle, there are three clear stages, and each of them is emerging naturally.

Stages of Love

The first stage is the so-called crush. It is a passing period, in which levels of dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin rise. This gives us a feeling of happiness and indescribable happiness.

Having, seeing and being with that person is the only thing that interests us at that moment. It would be impossible to be always in love because we could not be productive, so it is something that does not last.

After falling in love, which lasts about three years in long relationships, in which there is not only physical attraction, comes the stage of stability. At this point, passion drops, and a greater commitment is established with our partner.

We no longer get nervous when we see him, and there is much more confidence. To many people, this weighs on them, because there is no emotion, but it is a stage in which to enjoy the affection, the complicity and the union with that person.

Finally, if we do not take care of the different faces of love, our relationship may decline, since that commitment or that union may be strengthened or broken over the years and the passage of time. Routine, problems, meeting other people or other factors can lead to the final break, something that seemed impossible at first.

Can Love last forever?

The question remains in the air. Do all relationships have an expiration date? The truth is that no.

Loving is much more than passion, but also much more than love. When we know how to combine everything in its proper measure, it is possible to be with that special person forever.

Love is there, but not alone, there is also a common project, the desire to build something. The couple sees beyond his love affair, and this probably helps him to last.

On the contrary, if sensible love is the only basis of the contract, then why be surprised to see it explode? If we get married only because we fell in love, then we have to separate if we do not feel the same feeling anymore.