What to take when going traveling for a while

A video tutorial not to be missed with tricks and backpacking secrets that every traveler should know. Remember: what’s good for a year is the same thing that works for a week.

Learn the essential facts and backpacking tricks to pack your things in this video: What to carry in the backpack to travel a year. Enjoy it full screen and HD. And do not forget to comment on the traveling video!

Essential points when packing your backpack

-Your backpack should be lightweight but versatile at the same time.
-You should avoid at all costs filling it with “just in case”.
-You must remember that what you lack or forget can be achieved along the way.
-Do not bring camping stuff if you are traveling alone in cities and vice versa. Do not confuse going –backpacking trip with camping.
-You do not have to worry about anything unless you go away from civilization.
-Start by placing essential things that you could not get during your trip.
-Important: Organize your backpack depending on your activities and the weather.

Will you be hiking?

If you plan on doing any hiking or outdoor trekking then it’s essential for you to get a good pair of tactical boots. The reason for this is that they have the support that is needed for your hiking trips in order for your feet not to get hurt.